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Rogue State

Mistakes Were Made.

Oh my sweethearts, I just NOW realized that my old blog hasn’t been redirecting readers to my new site! Dear ones, I sincerely apologize, I am not the champion of the digital age. My new blog is on my in-progress website. Catch up on your reading HERE. Thank you my loves, and again, all apologies!

Ardor and Flight.

I dreamed last night that I was a pilot practicing using alien technology while on an interplanetary layover in Brooklyn. A side plot involved stealing a bowling shirt from the patriarch who lived in a brownstone around the corner. My real life is also interesting. I spent the last two weeks at a workshop at [...]

Pointless = Dull?

Okay, I find it fascinating that no one warned me that quitting smoking actually makes you really sick. I guess no one thought it was important to mention that I’d be spending the spring coughing my lungs and throat out. Well, it’s not like knowing that would have changed anything, I suppose. I’m just lucky [...]

Creeps the Ground & Leaps & Bounds.

The last week or so, I’ve watched the minute hand making its course, trying to take the changes in my body in stride, writing poems and wasting away online, not quite able to tackle business with much gusto at all. That definitely changed a moment ago. I just found out my press has nominated me [...]

Dirty Thirty.

Long time no talk, folks. Some of you may know I turned thirty on Wednesday, and I decided to let it all hang out. According to the Roger Bonair-Agard school of partying, the thirtieth birthday girl gets two weeks to celebrate herself (weeks stack as decades do), so I took him at his word. My [...]

Gender Bender

Before I dive into what I want to talk about, I gotta share some good news: I’ve been accepted to the 2011 Callaloo Workshop. It’s an opportunity to talk poetry with some of the premiere writers in the nation. Plus I get to go to Texas. I guess…people…from Texas…like Texas… I gotta apologize beforehand for [...]

Book Release News & Then Some.

Hello, Pookies. I’m currently in Columbus for the 2011 Women of the World Poetry Slam. I was a finalist in last year’s competition, but this year I’m enjoying the festival from a new perspective. I’ll be hosting bouts, mingling with my slam family, and soaking up the city of Columbus – while, as always, continuing [...]

Sneak Peeks for the Peeps, #4

Y’know, if every one of you bought my book, I’d be a thousandaire right now. You might not have considered that, but I have! I spent a lot of time carefully considering what my final sneak peek for y’all would be. So many poems I love in totally different ways (which is a stellar feeling), [...]

Sneak Peeks for the Peeps #3

This poem began as almost a freewrite, or some kind of unconscious obsession that suddenly poured forth crazily. At the time I wrote it, I was involved in a tumultuous relationship with a very exacting man, so I guess the alchemy turned out perfectly. Pretty much everyone who saw the first draft of this poem [...]

Sneak Peeks for the Peeps, #2

Another of my favorites in How to Seduce a White Boy in Ten Easy Steps is the final poem in the book. I like the balance between the surreal imagery and the soothing meter, not to mention the clean finish. This poem was tremendously liberating to write. I’d read an article maybe a year previous [...]

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