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Busted Mouth

Things I Know – The Return

I miss writing this column. I hope to visit it much more frequently in the future. Also, the new audio album will be done in the next two weeks. Just sayin. Alright, here’s the nasty. Drunken sex is like sleeping with the flattering, default Facebook photo of somebody. The next morning is like looking at [...]


Hey Everybody. Forgot to mention that the same deal from week 3 applies to week 4. New track coming for this week, though.

3/26 – Beyond The Facade

New Story. It’s actually not dogshit. I can’t upload it here because a) it’s too big, file-wise and b) it’s been given to a certain radio show for broadcast. I will upload/link it here after it has hit the airwaves or they tell me that it’s safe to distribute. In the meantime, followers of the [...]


The 26 Project continues.  The hardest part of doing a challenge like this is coming to grips with the fact that some weeks you’ll turn out gold and some weeks you’ll crank out sewage. I’m not sure how I feel about this one except that I eff’d up while recording it and had to stitch [...]

#1 of 26

Some of you might recall me talking about the “26 Project”  – a commitment to write, record, and release a new audio track (song, poem, essay) once a week. Well, here’s where it starts. I’ll be posting a new track every Wednesday for 6 months (or at least until I sputter and quit.) Listen, download, [...]

Savannah, Gee Hey – Live at Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong

Dear, Vandal – Live at Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong

Episode 12: Mike O’Connell Interview

This episode contains an interview with comedian/poet/musician Mike O’Connell -  talking about comedy, publishing and general jackassery.

Summer Update!

Dear My Two Fans/Supporters, Hey there, both of you. I realize that I’ve been flying under the radar a bit these last couple months and I wanted to drop a line to let you know what I’m up to: Real Talk Live: As you know by now I’m a resident artist with Real Talk Ave. [...]

Episode 11: Grown Folks Stories Vol. 3

This episode contains the final segment of the GFS Anniversary show. 3 Chicagoans perform stories of their own. Recorded live.

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